Kouluruoka-kilpailu Messukeskuksessa Helsingissä 16. maaliskuuta 2016.





School food competition 16.3.2016

Food Services, Municipality of Asikkala

Warm lunch gives a rhythm to Finnish daily eating. Free lunch, from day care to school is a social innovation that has been fundamental in building our welfare society. The new school food recommendations promote further the use of vegetables and the supply of vegetarian food to children.

In POPRASUS we kick start experiments in collaboration with school catering services, where we seek solutions for promoting the use of vegetables and supply of vegetarian food in school food. We develop the experimental design that allow considering practices of school lunch “as they may become” in terms of sustainability.

Our partners in experimenting are:

  1. City of Jyväskylä, Food Services Kylän Kattaus
  2. Municipality of Asikkala and Food Services
  3. Municipality of Liperi and Food Services

We continue also experimenting in the Lunch Canteen of the Finnish Environment Institute operated by the Fazer Food Services. In the canteen we have invested in developing vegetarian food and tested various techniques in making it more attractive to the customers, such as labels and changes in choice infrastructure.

We collaborate also with JAMK University of Applied Sciences and HINKU and FISU network of municipalities.